Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Review]Moon Spell: Author Samantha Young

Moon Spell
The Tale of Lunarmorte Series Book 2
Samantha Young

At age seven Caia is sent away from the pack after the death of her dad and Alpha. She is sent away for her own protection and after being gone for more than a decade Caia is ask by the current alpha Lucien to come back. Caia doesn't know why she was sent away and she soon learns that everything she has believed is a lie and everyone she cares about has lied to her. There's also Lucein the Pack alpha who Caia has an unexpected connection to and can't stop looking and lusting after him. But Soon Caia will learn that there is only one person she can trust and that herself because she trusted and cared about Lucien but soon she will uncover a secret from the past that may ruine what she felt for Lucien.

I love the story plot but I hate the relationship she and Lucien have because Caia is such a bitch to him and treats him like dirt and to me it feels she is to immature to handle Lucien and Lucien also treats Caia like a fragile flower. I don't like the romance aspect of the book I think it was just a after thought from the author and should have been left out all together because I think the plot is way more interesting and thats what she should have focused on.


  1. I'm only half way through this book, but feel compelled to write a review. Its brilliant - so diffrent, but utterly addictive - I cant put it down.

  2. I like the plot and the whole concept but what annoyed me most was the relationship aspect of the book I felt like it took up to much of the book


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