Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Review] Spell Bound: Author Cara Lynn Shultz

Spell Bound
Cara Lynn Shultz

Emma Conner's has has a hard life. She lost her brother at age 14 and her mother a year later. Now Emma feels like anyone who gets close to her will leave her sooner or later so when her aunt tells Emma to move in with her she refuses at first because she thinks her aunt is going to leave her. So Emma chooses to stay with her Step dad after her mom dies but soon Emma finds out her step dad is nothing but a abusive drunk who almost got her killed. Now Emma is finally ready to start a new life in New york with her aunt. The first day of school Emma meets Brendan a sexy rocker type guy who she has an unexpected connection right away. Emma doesn't know if she should try to get close to him or stay away but soon Emma will find out that no matter how hard she try s there is no escaping Fate.

The book had a super slow beginning the first 200 pages where about Emma hating school and hating her life which I found annoying. The plot wasn't really explained well it was basically Emma meets Brendan falls in love and the last 30 pages are really the only part I found interesting because the rest of the book seem like a waste of time.
I don't recommend this book if you like fast pace or Paranormal Romance because there really was no paranormal aspect to the book other then Emma and Brendan being star cross lovers and Emma being a witch.

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