Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Review] Spell Bound: Author Rachel Hawkins

Spell Bound
Hex Hall Book 3
Rachel Hawkins

Sophie has finally got what she wanted all along to be a normal girl with no powers. Now that she doesn't have them she misses them but the more important she needs them if she's going to beat the evil forces who want to make all the students at Hex Hall Demons. Will Sophie have the courage to be the leader everyone knows she is or will she give up and let the evil forces win? There's also alot of surprise in the book such as why the Brannick's want Sophie so bad and she finally decides where her heart belongs (well sorta).


The book was underwelming and I like d the first two books better. I also think the book deserved a more satisfying ending. It was also disappointing how Rachel killed off Cal. Like I get that she wanted Sophie to end up with Archer but she could have done that with out killing off Cal, because to me it seem like she didn't give her any choice but to end up with Archer since she killed Cal off without giving Sophie a chance to get to know both of them outside school or outside the drama because I believe if Sophie would have been given a chance to get to know Cal more she would have ended up with him . One thing I did like was that Sophie parents got back together.

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