Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Review] Black Howl : Author Christina Henry

Black Howl
A Black Wing Novel Book 3
Christina Henry

Madeline Black is a Agent of death and descendent of Lucifer and she has managed to single handedly defeat the Faerie Queen Amarantha and the demon army that was trying to rebel against Lucifer. But what Maddy doesn't know is that there might be another enemy out there that she didn't know about. Now Maddy and her Crew of mighty sexy men (Gabriel, J.B., and Sebastian) have to find out who there unknown enemy is and what it has to do with all the humans suddenly dying without being marked by death. If it wasn't complicated enough Maddy has to find the Wolfs Pack Alpha and there missing children before it's to late.

I love this book!!!!!!!!
The only reason the book didn't get 5 stars was because there was a certain event in the end that I was not pleased about and I'm still mad about it because it reminds me of what happen at the end of "For A Few Demons More" by Kim Harrison and if you've read the book you know what I'm talking about. Other then that the book was full of action Maddy was the same old kick ass chick we all love and Gabriel was the same old same old grumpy and sexy Nephilim/Fallen Angel we all love.
Recommend this book to all those who love a good Urban fantasy series.

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