Monday, March 5, 2012

[Netgalley Review] Poseidon: Author Anna Banks

Anna Banks
Release Date
May 22,2012

Emma decide to take a a summer trip to, Florida with her best friends Chloe and her parents before senior year starts and during her trip she meets Galen a boy she has never seen before but has an unexpected connection to. Emma doesn't know why she is so drawn to him but she can't stop feeling tingly every time she touches him but before Emma can ask him out an accident happens and she losses her best friend and after that Emma doesn't want to remember anything that happened during her trip and she goes back to the Jersey Shores without talking to galen again. On her first day of school she sees him again and not only does she see him but she has all her classes with him. Emma doesn't know if she should be scared or if its destiny. Soon after Emma learns that Galen is not what he appears to be he is a mythical creature and she is to. Read the book to find out if Emma will risk everything to find out who she is or if she rather stay human and ignorant to her destiny.

I really liked the beginning it had a really strong introduction. the plot of the book kept me interesting through out most of the book but I founds some scenes unnecessary and the didn't really leave me Wowed, but I really like Galen he seemed to be tough,vulnerable,stubborn all at the same time and what i liked best about him was that he seem to have a laid back kinda personality that fit well with Emma who seemed to intense at time but went well with galen. I also enjoyed the side characters they where funny at times and down right annoying at others.

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