Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Review] Celebrity In Death: Author J.D. Robb

Celebrity In Death
Book 34 In Death Series
Author: J.D. Robb

Eve and Roarke are having a good time celebrating with the cast of " The Incove Agenda" a movie based on the case Eve solved and what makes the evening more wierd is that the cast looks exactly like Eve, Roarke,Peabody,
and Ian. Eve soon finds out that all is not what it seems, because K.T. Harris who is playing Peabody in the movie is soon found dead,and at first glance it looks as a accident but soon Eve will find out that it's not and that a monster is hidden where everyone least expects it.

In Death is one of my favorite series of all time I never get tired of reading about eve and Roarke they make a highly unusual couple that some hoe fits, but I gotta say I was disappointed it his book it wasn't one of the best and I gotta say " celebrity In death" has been my least favorite in the series because I'm use to seeing Eve in action and to me it seem like the case was to easy and everything that happen in the book was predictable it didn't leave me wowed or amazed it left me craving for more.

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