Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Review] Fair Game: Author Patricia Briggs

Fair Game
Alpha and Omega 3
Patricia Briggs

Best book I ever read! This book was so amazing I don't think I can help myself if I give everything away so this review is going to be different instead of giving a short summary of the book I'm going to list the top TEN reasons to read it.

10. Werewolves ! Duh!

9. We meet new characters ( Beauclaire very important fae)

8.Hot intense love scene

7. You get to see more of Anna and Charles life outside of the pack.

6.There's serial killers and in the ending it will leave you speechless who the serial killers where.

5. We get to learn more about fae and how there dynamics work .

4. The werewolves have finally come out of the closet in this book.

3. We see a vulnerable Charles and we get to know him more as a person then a killer.

2. For those who have been waiting for more then two years for the third book, trust me worth the wait.

1. The ending was so explosive and good I felt like crying because now I'm going to have to wait two more years. :(

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