Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best books released in 2010

#8 Spirit Bound
By: Richele Mead

I've been a big fan of Rich
ele Mead since the beginning and the 5th book in the Vampire academy did not disappoint.
In my opinion it the best YA vampire series out there.

#7 Silver Borne
By: Patricia Brigg

I think the biggest mistake I made was reading the Alpha& Omega series before reading the Mercy Thompson series ,
because I had a hard time reading the first four Mercy''s Thompson books. This book just WOW we saw a side of Mercy and adam that I hadn't seen before.

#6 The Body Finder
By Kimberly Derting

I'm not usually into suspense serial killer type of books but this book changed my mind about what I thought suspense books where and I could not put down the book the whole time I was reading it. The Body Finder was the best Debut YA novel this year!!! FOR SURE...

No Mercy
By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

First off I want to start out by saying this is the fir
st novel I've read from the Dark-Hunter series, but I don't care because I've loved this book!!!!! Sam was totally badass kicking heroine and Dev was sexy and funny!!! soo whats not to love.

First Drop of Crimson
By: Jeaniene frost
Loved Denise and Spade they made such a awesome couple.
i'm also happy to see Denise and Spade happy after what they went through.

The Darkest Passion.
By: Gena Showalter

The first time I read one of Gena's books I know I was hooked but as I kept reading the LOTU series I fell more in love with the characters a
Aeron's story was one of my favorite because we got to see who he was and we also got to see a little in side Williams mind.

TheDarkest Lie
By: Gena Showalter

I had a very hard time choosing
which book was my number 1 pick and the only reason I did not pick the Darkest lie was because I did not like that Hadiee aka Ex (murdering bitch) appeared in the story. I guess I'll read more about her in Amun's story.

Magic Bleeds
By: Ilona Andrews

OMG I love Kate and curran there so funny they remind me of cat and Bones but a more complicated and funnier version. I also love Kate because she just says and does the stupidest things and I love the way she ends up fixing things. I swear each book keeps getting better and better. I don't know if i can wait until May to read the fifth installment.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Angelfire Review

Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
Release Date: February 15, 2011

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

I was very exited when I got Angelfire in the mail. I
could not wait to read it. Once I got the book I found it kind of hard to pick up the storyline which is of a girl name Ellie she's some kind of special human who reincarnates every time she dies ,and when she turns seventeen she becomes the Preliator which means warrior in Latin. She's the only one who can kill Grims with Angelfire. The Grims are huge demonic dogs who kill humans and take them to hell and Ellie mission in life is to kill as many as possible before they kill her. There's also Will who has been her guardian for the past 500 years and through out the whole book sparks fly between Will and Ellie. To find out what happens next you have to wait to read it but FYI during the second half of the book it gets real good and that's when you start to find out who Ellie really is and OMG you will totally fall in Love with Will !!!

Next in the series...
Coming in 2012
Wings of The Wicked.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Iron Queen Review

Iron Queen
Author: Julie Kagawa
Releas Date: February 1, 2011

Golden Star

I was so happy when I got the book gah..... When I read Iron Queen it was everything I thought it would be and more.Now i'm not going to give much away in my review but all I want you to know is to prepare yourself for the ending because I was shocked and even cried alittle.
Iron Queen the third book in the Iron Fey series. The book starts out with Meghan a
nd Ash thinking that finally everything is over and they can finally be together, and live a normal life but they soon discover that they can't go on with there lifes until they defeat the False King. To defeat the False King Meghan has to go back to Nevernever, and with the help of Ash and Puck she hopes to defeat the False King and regain Nevernever back before its to late. I'm not going to say much more right now because it would be spoilers but you've got to read Iron Queen the best by far in the Iron Fey series. Don't worry I'll post my opinion on the book later when its close to the release date.

Complete series

Next to Come The Iron Knight
Coming in 2011..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Once a Witch Review

Once a Witch
Author : Carolyn MacCullough
Release Date : September 14, 2009

4/5 Stars

I got this book for Christmas last year along with Beautiful creatures, and I really thought BC was one of the most boring books I've ever read. Since both books hav
e to do with witches and what not I thought that Once a witch was another boring version of beautiful creatures so I decided not to read it. I got the opportunity to review the second book so I decided I had to read the first book to understand what the second book was about. To my surprise I thought this book was written better the BC, because it was
n't as long and boring. I don't want to compare Once a Witch to BC the plots are totally different, and the only thing they have in common is that there both about Witches. Anyways it starts out Tam a 17 years old witch who doesn't know she has powers and feels like she doesn't fit in and through out the whole story along side Gabriel who is her long time best friends,finds out who she truly is and what she's capable of. In my opinion the best part of he story was that the book wasn't really focusing on Tam and her relationship with Gabriel,
it was mostly about Tam trying to solve her problems and finding out who she was. I think most books focus mostly on the romantic side of the story then on the real issue, and it was refreshing to read something new. I think the only issue I had with the book was that Tam was a drinker and a smoker. Especially if she's only 17 and her parents knew she drank and smoked but did nothing about it. No offense to the author but what kind of message is that putting out to
teenagers that it's okay to drink and smoke at age 17? I don't think so I know if I my parents found out I was drinking and smoking at 17 they would flip out. Other then that issue the book was a Great book, and I would have given the book Five Stars, but again I don't think it was appropriate for the author to write the character as a smoker and a drinker.

Next in the series...
Coming in August 2011

Review to come.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Misguided Angel Review

Misguided Angel
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Release Date: October 26,2010

Rating 4/5

I was not planning on reading the fifth installment of the Blue Bloods series. The last two book where a big disappointment and I had about given up on reading the series, but I was lucky enough to win it from Paranormal Haven Halloween's Bash and I'm glad I read Misguided Angel because the book was a big improvement from the rambling mess the last two books had been. What I liked most about the book was how it was broken down into three view points Schuyler's, Mimi's, and a new character Deming.
I won't spoil much but I liked how each of the three characters got there own section and how in the end of each section it left you guessing and waiting for the next book. I think I enjoyed Mimi's side of the story better then I enjoyed Schuyler's because I felt that her story ended in the the fourth book and by adding her point of view it's just dragging Schuyler's story on. In the book we also get to see a side of Mimi that was never seen before it showed a less shallow version of Mimi then the one we where used to reading, even though I don't like her, I've gotten to understand her a little more and now I kinda feel sorry for her. I think it's karma that's coming back to her for always being such a bitch and treating everyone like inferiors. Now she is getting what she deserves to wallow in self misery for a while, but I do hope she and Kingsley have a happy ending because I really liked Kingsley from the previous book he has a charm that no other character has ( not even jack). P.S the ending of Mimi's story is not a happy ending it makes me feel even more sorry for her. Like I said before we get to meet a new character Deming a Venator who is the Angel of Mercy and highly attuned to peoples emotions. She comes into the story as a Venator trying to solve Victoria case and tries to find out who is the person responsible for her death.
The only thing I wish could have been different was if the book was longer. The story would have unfolded and been much more interesting if Schuyler's part would have had more action or more intriguing. I don't think 80 pages or so where enough to cover each characters point of view. If the book would have been 100 pages longer, the story would have been much better. Over all I liked it and for those who liked the first two book's and lost interest after that I recommended you read Misguided Angel because I guaranty this book will make you want to pick up The blue bloods series.

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