Friday, March 30, 2012

[Review] Dire Needs: Author Stephanie Tyler

Dire Needs
The Eternal Wolf Clan
Stephanie Tylers

Rifter Leader of the Dire Clan is one of Six left after the extinction that killed all his family 1,000 years ago.
Rifter and his pack mates have been cursed to live forever and guard over humanity and make sure that the werewolves are kept in check. But it has become more dangerous to be a Dire and a Werewolves then any other point in time because there are weretrappers ( witches and humans with black magic) who are trying to kidnap the Were's and Dire's to experiment on them to trying to create a army strong enough to defeat them. While all this mess is going on Rifter finds himself in a bigger mess after meeting Gwen a human who has less than a month to live and Rifter will find himself choosing between Gwen and his pack. If he makes the wrong choice he will be forcing himself to live forever with out Gwen.

The book was just not for me first off it started all wrong with Rifter meeting gwen an then automatically they go to the bedroom and it doesn't get better after that because 80% of the book was Rifter being horny/thinking about fucking Gwen/fucking Gwen/dreaming about fucking Gwen. There was no real interaction between the characters they all seem like a bunch of nymphos. I also hated Max (secondary character)she was such a bitch and I wished Liam would have killed if she wasn't pregnant but since she was I guess the next books going to go more in depth between the dysfunctional relationship Max and Liam had.

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