Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[Netgalley Review] Struck: Author Jennifer Bosworth

Jennifer Bosworth
Release date:
May 8,2012

The Prophet has predicted that the world will end in three days now all Mia has to do is survive until then or the world might just end.

After surviving a Earth Quake that nearly destroyed Los Angeles Mia Price has to keep her family from falling apart. It's not as easy as it sounds because after the Earth Quake it seems like her mom has withdrawn and doesn't want to do anything but watch the Prophet blab about how the world going to end and it seems like she and her brother are now at odds because he wants to help everyone even those who are lost. If that wasn't enough Mia is being followed by the Prophets followers and Seekers who want her to join there cause. The Prophets want to brain wash Mia and the Seekers want Mia to sacrifice herself for there cause. Mia doesn't want to join either cause she just wants to be a normal girl and not have lightning strike her every time it rains and right when Mias's about to give up she meets Jeremy a guy she never met before but seems to be connected with. Soon Mia learns far more than she wanted to know about the Prophet and his evil plan so now she and Jeremy have to find a way to stop the Prophet or alot of people are going to die.

I loved what the author was trying to create but when all was said in done I don't think the book lived to its potential. What I liked best about the book where the characters because both seem so broken and ready to give up but when the author put them together it felt like they gave each other strength and in the end they saved each other. Which I loved because it felt like they where equals not a girl needs to be rescued and saved by her BF. What killed the book and series for me was the ending. The ending was a total let down it basically build alot of suspense but in the end it didn't deliver and by the time I finished the book I was done with the series.

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