Thursday, March 8, 2012

[Review] Half-Blood: Author Jennifer L. Armentrout

Covenant Book 1
Jennifer L. Armentrout

17 year old Alexandria was forced to runaway 3 years ago when her mom decided to leave the Coven but now that her mom has been killed by the Daimons she is forced to go back to the Coven but she doesn't want to go back because the Coven doesn't tend to forgive Half-bloods. the Coven tends to make Half-bloods into mindless servants when they mess up ,but as luck would hold it she is given a second chance to become a sentinel and kill Daimons. Soon Alex will learn that luck has nothing to do with it and she'll wish she never found out the truth about why her mom forced her to leave.

Wow this book rocked I could not put it down and Alex was an amazing character se reminded me alot of Rose ( Vampire Academy0 they both tend to act first think later but thats what makes me love them more that there not afraid to make tough choices to save the one's she loves. I think the only problem with the book was that it wasn't long enough and the beginning of the book reminded me a little of Vampire Academy especially the part about how Alex ran away and is back and is forced to train with Aidan who she falls in love with. Aidan my gosh he seems so sexy and mysterious and the love scene OMG!HOT! I want to read more give me more!

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  1. Alex has been gone from her life at the Covenant for years, but after one horrific night, she is thrown back into the life she never thought she would see again. Things are happening at the Covenant, things that shouldn't be happening. As more and more things keep piling up, Alex will be forced to confront things she never would of thought of in her worst nightmares..


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