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[Review] Borrowed Ember: Author Samantha Young

Borrowed Ember by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't say this enough but Samantha Young is a Genius or should I say Jenius.

This book took me through a journey and I actually found myself wishing I was in the book, it takes alot for a book to impress me or make me gush now a days because I have read so many books that there all starting to sound the same but I can actually say " Borrowed ember " is totally unique and has been one of the best reads this year. I love everything about this book,characters,plot and I can't believe I'm saying this but I felt myself loving the villains.
The Villains in the book are actually different from any I ever read they actually have depth and you can actually see that there not really evil it's more complicated than that and you determine who the villain is by choosing a side which to me has been hard to choose especially in this book cause it's hard to see who actually right. It's especially confusing ,because in this book ,Red and White king are both shady characters but they both have a depth that makes them endearing to the reader especially the Red King I was so surprised by his action in this book I felt myself hating him for deceiving Ari but at times you saw a side of him that was sweet and actually cared about Ari but I guess time will tell who's side he's actually in and even the White king had redeeming moments even though in the end he did a really shitty thing (view spoiler)[killed Ari's mom (hide spoiler)]he wasn't as bad as I thought he was but yeah after the book ended I can't say that I'm wishing a happy ending for the White King.

But one thing I'm sure about is that I love Ari and Jai together they make the perfect couple there not sickly sweet and they both have flaws which makes me love them more. I'm really glad Jai confronted his dad in the end and made it known that he loves Ari I think Jai has changed the most out of any character for the good. Don't get me started on Charlie grrr... I hated Charlie from the beginning of the series he's always been a coward and hidden behind his brothers death blaming every action he's done on his brothers death but instead of growing into a better person and trying to do good he became a pot head and a slut and blamed everything on that fateful day. But I guess everyone grieves in a different way but the way Charlie did in wasn't only hurting him he was hurting Ari but i'm glad Ari finally woke up and realized that she was never in love with charlie and that what she has with Jai is the real thing.
But I found myself hating Charlie in this book specially at the end. I keep wishing Samantha would kill Charlie through out the whole book he's so stupid and to me he seems even more evil than the White King or any other villain because at least the White King can't comprehend that what he's doing is wrong but Charlie knows that what he is doing is wrong and he's just a coward who hides behind everyone and in the end I wished it would have been Charlie who died (view spoiler)[not Fallon (hide spoiler)]

I can't say it enough I love this series and can't wait to read the next book.

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P.S. sorry I haven't posted any new Review in a while I've been so busy with Summer classes (they go by so fast and HW is twice as long)that I barely had anytime to read. It took me three days to read this book which I would normally finish in like three hours but I had so much homework that it takes up most of my day.

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First In Series Giveaway!!!

Okay I know I'm really lazy at posting contest or giveaways but I have a tons of books and I want to get rid of some so what better way than to host a Giveaway!

P.S. all the books are first in Series hence title so anyone who is interested in starting a new series this is you chance to win three brand new series (only first book)

First Winner will have first pick
Second Winner will win remaining Prize pack

YA Prize Pack
Matched /Ally Condie
Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Darkside/Beth Fantaskey
13 To Life/Shannon Delany

Paranormal Romance Prize Pack
Demon Angel/Author Meljean Brook
Sins of The Angels/Linda Poitevin
My Lord Vampire/Alexandra Ivy

[Review] Tangle of Need: Author Nalini Singh

Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adria has been through a tough time recently she just recently broke up with her partner of 10 years Martin who she was used to bending in order to make him happy and now she doesn't really know who she is anymore. Now all Adria wants to do is find herself and see who she really is without a man .
But when Adria least expects it she meets Riaz, pushes her button like no one else has before and Adria finds herself falling for someone again. But the problem is Riaz has already found his mate who happened to be married so Adria feels like she will always be second choice.

Both Adria and Riaz have to go through a journey that will help them heal from there wounds but will they both come out healed in the end or will they let fear rule there life?

Nalini is one of my favorite Authors but this book didn't WOW! me it was really really good but not Incredible like her past books.

I think the reason I didn't fall in love with the book was that the characters didn't have a lot of interaction. It was more about them growing as person then growing as a couple But what I really liked was that we got to see Hawks and Sienna's Mate Ceremony I <33333 it I just wished it would have been a short story not in Riaz and Adria's story,because the mating ceremony literally took up more than half of the book and I think it took the spotlight out of Adria & Riaz. But the book was still really sweet because it might not have been all about Riaz & Adria but the parts that they were together I just loved. Riaz is just awesome he really knows his way around a girls heart and Adria seems like a tough chick in the outside but she's really a teddy bear.

(view spoiler)[But my favorite part of the book was when Mercy found out she was PREGO WITH MORE THAN ONE CUB OR KITTEN !!!!!!! OMGFGTXXX I can't wait to find out what she has. <3 (hide spoiler)]

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

[New Cover] Finale: Author Becca Fitpatrick

Not a big fan.
Is it just me or does it seem like the publishers did a REALLY BAD job at photo shopping
Patch and Nora. I 've seen self published authors have better book covers then this.

Well at least we could be glad the series is finally over because the plot just seems to be dragging....

What do you think?
Are you ready for the series to end or do you want more books?

NEW COVER ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Lover At Last: Author J.R. Wards


Isn't this the best cover ever!
Finally after waiting two years for Blay and Quinn to get together
J.R. is finally putting us out of our misery and giving us their book. I swear if this book isn't as good as the others I will cry and send hate mail to J.R. j/k but i will be totally disappointed if it doesn't live up to my expectations?

I'm also intrigued to see how M/M romance turns out because I'm not really into M/M Romance,but from the scenes Blay and Quinn have had in previous books I bet Lover At Last is going to have alot of HOTTT scenes.

What do you think about the cover and M/M?

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