Monday, February 27, 2012

[Review] The Witches of Santa Anna Season One and Two: Authors Lauren Barnholdt & Aaron Gorvine

The Witches of Santa Anna Season One
Authors: Lauren Barnholdt & Aaron Gorvine
In Season One we meet Natalia She is a the new student,who is Santa Anna Prep after a incident that happen at her school where her ex boyfriend
spread rumors about them hooking up. Now that she is at Santa Anna Prep she is hoping to put the incident behind her and move on but then
she meets,Cam a football player who she has a connection she can't explain but she knows that he is off limits because Raine the most beautiful
and popular girl at school wants him and she knows that if she is caught with Cam her life can turn into a nightmare all over again. Soon she
and Cam will find out that more is at stake if they get together and that Raine is not what she seems. Will Cam and Natalia risk everything to
be together or will Raine force them apart?

I really love the whole concept of the book and I think its really cool that the author made the book into a series it makes the series more
exiting and it leaves you guessing, but thank god I bought the first and second season or it would have kept me up at night not knowing
what would happen next. The only problem I had with he book as that the characters seemed to self absorbed and I didn't like how Natalia
went from kissing one boy to telling another how much she loved him.

The Witches of Santa Anna Season 2
In Season One we left off where Natalia stopped Raine plan and saved Cam from being turned into Raine's slave forever. Now there may be more
problems because theres this new girl who seems like she has her eye's on Cam and Raine doesn't know what to do but soon she finds out that
the new girl is not what she appears to be and she kidnaps Cam. When Natalia finds out Cam is missing she goes to the new girls house to look
for Cam but finds Raine instead of Cam. Now she is forced to work with Raine since she's the only one who knows where Cam is. Natalia soon
finds out that it maynot be as easy as she thinks to save cam. Will they survive or will they both be destroyed?
Read Season Two to find out.

Wasnt a big fan of season two the plot seemed kinda lame and I found myself skipping pages and the ending didn't leave me wanting for more
so idk when I'll get around to reading season three.

I have a Nook copy if anyone wants to borrow it let me know. Or if your interested in buying it go to Barnes and
Nobles there selling it for a really cheap of .99 cents

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