Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Review] Angel's Flight: Author Nalini singh

Angel's Flight
The Guilds Hunter Anthology
Author: Nalini Singh

Angel Wolf 5/5 star

Ashwini is one of the best hunter's the guild has and she is known to have a special ability of feelings peoples emotions when she touches them. Ash is sent to Louisiana to figure out where a missing vampire is and she is forced to work with Janvier a vampire she has long history of being unable to catch but through out the book we see that they have a interesting relationship and there may be more going on that what it appears.
OMG love Janvier and I think Ash & Jan need a full length novel.

Angel's Judgment 4/5 stars
Sara for those who know her is not only Elena best friends but also the Guilds director but this novel goes back to before she became the director and it talks about how she met Deacon her husband.

Sara is sent out on a mission to track a vampire who is killing people and on her mission she meets Deacon to all the hunter he is known as the boogeyman because he is only sent out whenever there is a stray vampire hunter on the loose. So now Sara is even more determine to find the vampire killer before it's to late and in the process she has to fight her attraction to deacon who she knows she has no future with.

Angel's Wolf 4.5/5 stars

Noel is a vampire who many think is broken and should be put down after the events that occurred in " Archangels Consort" when a Angel tortured him. Noel is ready to give up so when he is sent on a mission to protect the angel Nimra he is shocked when he finds himself attracted to her and feelings something he has never felt before,but before he can love Nimra he has to get over some issues and find out who's trying to kill her.

<3 Noel

Angel's Dance 4/5 stars

I was so shocked to see a side of Galen I never seen before in all the other Guild novels he is always seen as a big and tough Angel who rarely displays any emotions but in Angel dance we find a side of Galen who is vulnerable and looking for someone to love in in Jessamy he finds that person. I wished this novel would have been longer and I was disappointed that we only got to see Galen and Jessamy relationship in the beginning but not the present ( they been together for over 400 years )


  1. I just finished Angels Blood the other night and loved it! I went ahead and got the next 3 plus this so I could finish the series :)


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