Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Review] The Grey Wolves Book 2 and 3 Quinn Loftis

Blood Rites
The Grey Wolves Series Book 2
Quinn Loftis

Epic conclusion to Fane's and Jacque story!

Jacque and fane are finally getting ready to complete the blood rite but right before Jacque arrive( like 5 min before the ceremony) Shit hits the fan Jacque and her best friends are in a car crash which put Jacque and Jen in the hospital for a MONTH!
So now not only does Fane have to wait until Jacque is
better he has to figure out who is out to hurt his Mate before it's to late.

I gotta say I this is now my favorite Teen/werewolves series. No other book compare to this series all the characters are hilarious and have me ion the edge of my seat and again JEN! WOW that girl almost made me pee on my pant's once or twice.

Just One Drop
The Grey Wolves Series Book 3
Quinn Loftis



Okay I don't want to say to much about this book right now because the ending had me at the edge of my seat and I'm still trying to process everything so I'll say as little as possible so i won't spoil the book. Jen is tired of being ignored by Decebel he's been gone fore over 60 days and she's getting tired of waiting so he either joins the program or Jen is going to have to get over him even though it breaks her heart, but right when Jen's about to throw in the towel Decebel comes back and acts even more CAVE MAN then before ( Which jen loves) Now the problem is not getting Decebel to admit there feelings it getting the rest of the Wolves to accept there bond even though Jen and decebel show no signs of being mates other than Decebel constantly going crazy anytime a man looks at Jen.
Decebel has to fight for what he wnats will he be man enough and accept Jen for who she is which is a tough ALPHA MATE or will Decebel give in the towel and let Jen go?

I totally recommend this series it amazing and it has everything you will ever love in a Teen Romance

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