Friday, February 10, 2012

[Review] Prince of Wolves: Author Quinn Loftis

Prince of Wolves
Grey Wolves Series Book 1
Quinn Loftis

I know I'm always bitching about hating books that start off as two people meeting and falling in love at that moment but this book actually pulled it off.
I actually didn't find it annoying because Jaque actually had a personality and she wasn't all I'm in love with him I want to have sex with him right then in there she actually spoke up and had a attitude but in the end you could tell that Fane and Jaque belong together, but my favorite thing about the book was Jaque's friends.
They remind me so much of my friends I could not help love them especially Jen. Let me tell you that girl kept me laughing through out the whole book every time she opened her mouth.

I can't wait to gobble up the next 2 books especially Jen's book! I can;t wait and see how her book turns out.

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