Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Review] Damien: Author Jacquelyn Frank

The Nightwalkers book 4
Jacquelyn Frank

Damien Vampire Prince thinks vampires are incapable of loving someone until he meets Lycanthrope Princess, Syreena . Something about her draws Damien in and he's incapable of resisting her, but he knows that it is impossible for a vampire to feel the way he feels toward Syreena. Soon Damien discovers that theres more at stake then just there love there's, Ruth Demon traitor who is out to kill Syreena for what Elijah did to her daughter. Now Damien has to not only fight for Syreena love he has to find a way to defeat Ruth before she kills Syreena

The first half of the book was great but towards the end it got super boring. After Syreena and Damien finally got together they became so boring it was like the plot ended and they where just filling up pages to make the book longer before it ended.

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