Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Review] A Perfect Blood: Author Kim Harrison

A Perfect Blood
Rachel Morgan Series Book 10
Kim Harrison

Rachel finally knows who she is she knows that she is a demon but she still doesn't seem to know where she fits in she feel like everyone is moving on. After Matilda's death Jenks was very devastated but he seems to be moving on with Bella, and Ivy has moved on from Rachel and knows that there will never be anything physical between them so now she dating Glen and Rachel is happy for her but to her it seems like everyone has left her behind. Before Rachel can move on with her life she has to find who is responsible for the witches death before it's to late for her.

Really a big fan of Kim harrison, but what I like most about her books is that she doesn't fall into UF/PR category she has managed to make a great story line without making it a romance. Don't get me wrong I love PR but I enjoyed reading about a character who is independent and doesn't need a boyfriend to solve her problems. I think eventually Rachel is going to fall in love and blah blah blah but I think from the way the series is going Rachel is better off alone right now then with a guy who will confuse her more.
I hope that by the end of the series she ends up with Trent. Don't get me wrong i hated that guy since the beginning of the series but he is starting to grow on me and he seems to be the only guy who lets Rachel do what she think is best and doesn't question her judgement.

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