Saturday, February 11, 2012

[Review] Soul Kissed : Author Courtney Cole

Soul Kissed
Book 1 Of The Moonstone Saga
Courtney Cole

Empusa was betrayed by her father and is forced to bare his curse after he made a deal with Hades. Now she must steal souls and drink blood of a human to survive.
After years of being lonely she has finally met someone Brennan, she thinks Brennan is a normal human but she discovers that he is anything but normal he is a Demi God like her but not just any Demi God he is the son of Apollo. Now Empusa must not only find a way to get rid of the curse she must find a way to be with Brennan without ending the world.

I had mix feeling about this book I like the whole mythology thing ( I love Mythology theme books)but it lacked something I don't know what but somehow i just couldn't love the book. Maybe it's because I seriously could not tell why Brennan and Empusa loved each other it felt like they just told each other they loved each other and kissed. Also the book barley even talked about Empusa being a soul eater I think the only time she stole a soul was in the beginning but after she met Brennan she only told him she was a soul eater and then there was no mention after that . I also wished the ending would had been more satisfying it left me thinking WTF?

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