Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Review] Dark Prince: Author Christine Feehan

Dark Prince
Carpathian's Series book 1
Christine Feehan

Mikhail has been unable to see or feel anything for century's until he met Raven his True mate and at first he thinks it's impossible since she's human and not Carpathian but there's all the signs are there that points Raven as a his true mate. He's able to see color and feel again and most important he feels a consecution with raven that he has never felt with no one . Will Mikhail risk everything to have a life with Raven or will he let her go?

I really wanted to love this book because I love the whole concept of the series and I love all the male characters they were all uber macho and hot but I disliked Raven she was to annoying. She cried about everything whined about everything. The author made Raven to soft and vulnerable and I seriously don't see what Mikhail saw in her because if I had a mate like her I would ask for a refund because raven was not a suitable mate for someone like Mikhail he deserves someone strong and kickass like Kate (Kate Daniel series).

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