Saturday, February 4, 2012

[Review] Mind Game: Author Christine Feehan


Dahlia was brought up to think she was a monster and kept away from society for most of her life,but now that her family has been killed and home destroyed she has nothing left and is ready to give up when dark and dangerous Nicholas comes and saves her. She doesn't know what to think of Nicholas he seems to calm her but also seems to bring in the fire in her. Will she risk everything to have a relationship with Nicholas or will she give up and let the flame consume her?

This is the second book I read by Christine Feehan and I'm still not very impressed. I like that the story plot is different and that it has both a paranormal and thriller aspect but to me it just seemed that only a part of the book had anything to do with the plot and the other half of the book was just mindless talking.The characters kept repeating themselves and saying the same thing over and over and I got kinda bored after the first 150 pages but at the end the book picked up and I found myself enjoying both characters. .

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