Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Review] The Lost Saint: Author Bree Despain


Grace and Daniel can finally be together, Daniel is no longer cursed to become a monster but now Grace is the one who's going to be facing the same Demons Daniel faced. Will Grace survive having the wolf inside of her or will she give into the urge and kill and become a monster like Jude? Grace and Daniel also have to face many obstacles and in the end no matter what they do their will they be destined to be torn apart or will their love survive?

Okay first of all I really liked that Grace has grown, because in the first book it really annoyed me that Grace was so dying swan and always depending on Daniel to rescue her and even though Daniel did play a big part in the end (turned into a wolf and saved Grace form being killed by 6 other wolves) Grace did seem to help out more and she even killed a demon so I'm proud that Shes no longer the perfect and nice Grace because I found her annoying.
What I didn't like was that the ending was confusing and I couldn't tell who the good or bad guy?

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