Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: Reckoning By Lili St. Crow


WTF this is suppose to be the last book and all questions where suppose to be answered and instead the book just left me confused. The ending was a total cliffhanger. Okay that was my opinion yesterday but now I had a day to process the book I liked that Lili didn't stick Dru with Chris or Graves because Dru is still a teenager and it's a big decision for someone to make at that age who there going to spend the rest of there lifes with. Most YA books stick a 16 year old girl with some century old vampire/angel and to me that seems so unrealistic because I'm like what does a 16 year old girl have in common with someone that age?

Another high light of the book was that Dru Finally killed Sergei,but the fight scene felt so anticlimactic. Like this is how the final fight scene went Dru escaped the cell Sergei put her in and than she sent Dibs and Graves away and she went to go rescue Christopher but when she got there she had to fight a shit load of vampires and than eventually Sergei came and Christopher got pissed because Sergei blasted Dru so than Christopher was like" I told you if you ever hurt Dru I would kill you" so Christopher attacked Sergei and started to drink his blood but than Dru was WTF am I doing standing around when I can help Christopher and kill Sergei so she got her sword or whatever she calls it and decapitated Sergei and that my friends happen in a total of less than 10 pages so you see what I mean of so anticlimactic. After that the ending was wrapped up with Grave leaving and telling Dru he would come back when he was less fucked up and with Dru telling Christopher he was to old and creepy for her. After all that I'm glad the series ended like this because it gives me hope that Dru will return someday.


  1. It was so infuriating. This HAS to be a set up for another book. What happens to poor Ash? And what's the deal with these hex throwing people? It was just a mess. I got so confused when she fought Sergei, how did it suddenly become pitch black? Dru fought and cut off Christophe every step of the way, we have no idea why he decided to drink his dad's blood. They had a great connection last book and now Dru is being a total jerk to him and Christophe seems like he's heartless and creepy again. Does Graves come back? I hope someday I can think about this again and laugh, because the author actually made a continuation and I was so worried my favorite book series was ruined.

  2. OMG you right I totally forgot about Ash because he wasnt a big part of this book. Now that you mention it we never found out if Dru left the order or stayed.


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