Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Alien Tango By Gini Koch


Katherine aka Kitty is finally getting used to working for the A-C as Commander for the Airborne Division.
When they get called in to go to Florida because there is a situation over there. Not only is Cape Canaveral in Florida but also Jeff parents live in Florida so not only does she have to face the situation in Cape Canaveral she also has to deal with Jeff parents. But before she gets to Florida she has to deal with Club 51 which is a anti alien organization that tried to blow up the plane Kitty and her crew where going to board. From that point on everything goes from bad to worst at every turn Kitty finds that someone tries to kill her and Jeff and theres more then just the Anti Alien organization trying to kill her there's a crazy psycho stalker trying to kill Kitty and if that wasn't bad enough she also has to find out who's the leader of Club 51 before they kill Jeff.

I think I'am officially in love with this series Kitty was just Boom in your face. which I love she is not afraid to give orders and she know who's boss which I love because I'm tired of reading whinny heroines saying" I don't know what to do" " Oh I'm so stupid I need a man to tell me what to do " okay maybe not that whinny but you get what I'm saying. Thats why i love Kitty cause even though sometimes she doesn't know exactly what to do she takes charge and doesn't complain.

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