Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Blood Trinity By Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love


Blood trinity was not your typical Romance novel actually I wouldn't categorize it as a romance novel
more of a UF novel there is some elements of Romance but I think the romance part of the story is going to come along in a later book. Blood trinity mostly focuses on Evalle and what she has to go through being a Alterant in the Belador society who hate and Despise Alterants because sooner or later all Alterants turn into wild beast and kill those around them. Most Beladors hate or are causious around Evalle because they think one day they're going to lock her in a age or kill her when she turns into a BEAST. Evalle has to constantly prove herself to the Beladors who are constantly monitoring Evalle to see if she turns into a beast.

Evalle is just someone you either hate or love and I absofuckenlutly love her shes just so strong and she has been put through hell since she was born. First she was locked ina cage until age 18 and when she was a teenager she was raped by someone she trusted and since then she has not been able to get close to any man intimately. Thats until she meets Storm who she openly distrust and hates through out most of the book. Storm doesn't let Evalle wall stop him from caring about Evalle and trying to get close to her. I can't wait to read the next book and see how there relationship develops. There's also Quinn and Tzader who are the only two Beladors Evale completely trusts ever since they saved her life and kept her secret (she turned into a Beast when she first met Quinn and Tzader to save there lifes.) and they treat her like a little sister which I think is sweet and kind a funny because most of the time Evalle doesn't know what to do with there affection. I think the only one Evalle can be absolutely her self with is Feenix who is a gargoyle she loves and I have to say I love Feenix to he's just so charming and there is no better companion to have then one who loves you and thinks your the best thing in the world. Oh and I almost forgot Isak also has a crush on Evalle. I think there is nothing going to come out of Isak and Evalle because Isak hates all kills all nonhumans and Evalle is obviously a Alterant and I can't wait to see what Isak does when her finds out Evalle is a Alterant.

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