Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Beauty Dates The Beast By Jessica Sims


If I had to choose one word to describe the book it would be cute. I think the cover of the book is kinda misleading because I thought the book would be
Dark but no it turned out to be a very corny romance novel. Not that I didn't enjoy the book because I did.
The character where funny and fun to read about Bathsheba was a very corky cute heroine and I found her myself laughing at every turn of the page. Beau was your typical alpha male and I loved him he was so overbearing and irresistible hot and I found myself melting over the things he said and did for Sheba. (Bath tube scene) I think anyone who love to read chick lit would love this book it has everything a good romance novel need two lovable characters and great love scenes. I think the only problem I had with the book was that I found myself confused with the whole alliance (Supernatural and humans can't date with out permission of the alliance. which are a powerful group of super naturals including shifters and vampires.)thing I wish the author would of talked more about it and given us more facts about Beau because the book was to focused on Sheba.

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