Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review Storm Born By Richelle mead


I'm a really Huge fan of Richelle Mead I love her Vampire Academy series but this series was a little blah for me.
Eugenie whined that she didn't trust the Fey and what does she do she sleeps with one, but technically Kiyo not fey he's a shapeshifting Fox but same difference he's from the Otherworld, and she forgets everything her Shaman step dad taught her and jump head first into the fey world and trust Kiyo and the Fey king Dorian. Thats not what annoyed me most it's that she seems to jump to conclusion without asking question and she is to trusting on those who she's not suppose to trust. First Dorian is Fey and wants to bring the Fey back to the Human world and the only way to do that is to Sire Eugenie first born son, and Kiyo wants the opposite he wants the Fey to stay where they are and to me the logical conclusion would be that Kiyo would want to see Eugiene dead. What does Eugiene do she starts dating Kiyo and when she finds out that Kiyo and Maiwann are going to have have a child she breaks up with him for not telling her the truth. What's the first thing she does she sleeps with Dorian even though she knows that its dangerous . I think Eugiene is stupid and should not be trusting either Dorian or Kiyo, but out of the two I'am team Dorian he seems more genuine than Kiyo who just sugar coats everything unlike him Dorian who tells Eugiene the truth even though sometimes it's for his own gain . One thing I liked best about Richelle Meads is that she knows how to portrays a strong heroine with a back bone. I know I said that Eugiene Whines alot and is to trusting but even saying that she does not let that get in her way of making things right. Eugiene never seems to give up no matter how shitty things turn out. Can't wait to read the next in series.

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