Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review Rogue by Rachel Vincent


Ohhh... Faythe uhm... what can I say other than I'm disappointed. I was expecting Faythe to step up to the plate and act more mature but it seem like shes acting the same way she did 5 years ago. First she runs away from Marc a day from their weeding, but I understand that because she was just fresh out of high school but now 5 years later Marc ask her to commit to him not Marry him but she still can't do it? I was so frustrated because Marc has been faithful to her for 5 years and all he's asking Faythe to promise to one day marry him and all she could promise him is not to cheat on him while their together. I'm glad when Marc finally left Faythe because Faythe needs to wake up and see whats in front of her and if she can't then she deserves what she gets. One thing I did like was that Faythe stepped up to the plate when it comes to the Pride her love life may be in the gutter but at least one day she'll make a great Alpha if she can get through the trial.

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