Friday, October 21, 2011

Love Letter In Honor Of Favorite Urban Fantasy Novel

Dear, Curran there is no way I could describe in word how I feel about you and Kate. Reading about you gives me the chills you are an amazing Hero. You kick butt and you know your the boss and don't need anyone to kiss your ass. If I had to pick the perfect man it would be you. these are the reasons why I love you.

First, of all your the perfect combination of sexy and dangerous. Sigh
Second, of all if I had a man like you I know I would never doubt my self because I know you would never let.
Third, thing I love about you is that your not perfect and you don't pretend to be, you act like yourself and don't give a FUCK if you offend people.
Fourth but, not least I know being with you would be all I needed and I would never want for nothing as long as I had you.

Oh ,Curran...Kate is a very lucky lady to have you and if shes ever dumb enough to let you go know that I'm here.

Your's Truly

P.S. I love you to Kate

Those who have not Read the series it's awesome!!!! Best series ever.

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