Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review:Silence Becca Fitzpatrick


What can I say I was never a fan of the series to begin with but I don't like dropping series just because I hate them. I knew not to expect to love the book because the other 2 where mediocre at best but this book was just awful. I don't like bad mouthing books because I'm sure the authors spend alot of time writing book and I don't want people to think that I'm just a mean blogger but seriously to me it felt like Becca is just trying to milk the cash cow cause seriously first it was suppose to be a 2 book series but every time I think the books going to end I find out she announces another book. I know that sometimes the author's don't plan it when a idea comes along and they have to make the series longer but seriously at least she could be creative there is nothing creative about her books they just seem like the angel version of Twilight and I'm not saying Twilight a bad series but seriously I think by now everyone is tired of reading and wasting there money on bad twilight rewrite's.
The only thing I do have to give props to Becca and the reason I didn't give the book 1 star was that the book doesn't revolve around sex like seriously now most YA novels end up with a 16 or 17 year old girl having sex and I personally think that's giving a bad message saying that most girls lose there virgin at that age or think only about having sex and in my opinion that is totally false because at that age most of my friends where virgins and we never really talked about " Doing it with our boyfriends" I think it's just total cliché. I do think Becca is going to wait until the 4th book for Patch and Nora to have sex like in Twilight, but like I said total rewrite.

All in all do I recommend reading this book? No I think there's a a better use for 15$.

Does anyone know of any good YA series because I swear every time I pick up a YA book I can't wait to put it down.

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