Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Wolfsbane By Andrea Cremer


Let me just say the first book in the series was AMAZING!!!
This book not so much. It felt like the whole book revolved around Calla and her love life. Should she sleep with Shay? Does she love Ren? Thats what annoyed me most about this book that Calla first priority was HER not her Pack but HER. Other then Calla and her annoying love life the book was Awesome I was sad through out the whole book especially when Ethan found her brother Ansel, and when Calla found out her entire pack was being tortured and her mom was killed because of her. I think the book could have been a home run if it would not had focused to much on the love triangle. The ending was also a OMG ending it left you wanting for more.

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