Friday, May 11, 2012

[Review] Until I Die: Author Amy Plum

Until I Die by Amy Plum
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate and Vincent are finally happy after killing the leader of the the evil Revenants(forgot what they were really But it's not as easy as they think it will be. First they have to overcome the issue of Vincent being a revenant and having the urge to die,but Vincent promises Kate that he will do anything to resist the urge so he and Kate can be together.Second Kate realizes that she will grow old and die,but Vincent will always look like a 19 year old. So both Kate and Vincent agree to look for a cure that will stop Vincent from dying or will make him human. But Vincent is finding it really hard to keep out of harms way and sooner or later he knows that he's going to give into the urge and die while saving someone. But their's more at stake than just finding Vincent a cure,and Vincent & Kate, their's a Evil Revenant out there who is trying to kill Vincent. So now Kate & Vincent have to hurry up and find a cure because time is ticking and if they don't find a cure fast Vincent may just die forever.

Will Vincent survive to be with Kate or will he be killed once and for all?

I really loved this book from beginning to finish. Until I Die has everything I love in a romance,suspense,humor,and it blended well together not once did I feel like the book was to corny. Also the way the characters all interacted made me see that they blend well together and it made the book more enjoyable because I've read books that only focus on the MC and make the side characters a after thought. The ending was so heart breaking I had to reread it five times before it finally sunk in and I started crying. Hopefully Amy gives us a HEA or it will really suck,cause I love Vincent & Kate, they make the perfect couple without being to perfect.

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  1. I loved Until I Die just as much as I loved Die For Me.
    After waiting a long year for Until I Die I started to read right away when I got it in the mail and didn't' stop reading until I was trough.

    It wasn't as thrilling as I thought it would be. I expected a lot more fights and ass kicking but instead got a lot more interesting stuff to read about. There is so much going on, so much to discover about Vincent and his kind. I thought that after Die For Me we know all there is to know but I was totally wrong and therefore I was never bored, not even a bit. I just love the idea about what Vincent is and can't get enough of all the facts about him.

    And I loved to read about all these awesome characters again. Vincent's family is just the best and I laughed a lot. And no need to mention sexy Vincent of whom I can't get enough and tough Kate who is such a lovely character with whom I can identify so very well.

  2. yeah there wasn't as much action as the first book but the lat 20 pages made up for it.


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