Friday, May 18, 2012

[Netgalley Review] Dak Kiss: Author Michelle Rowan

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Samantha has had a real hard time with her parents divorce. All she wants is to have things back to normal and for her long time crush to notice her. But when Samantha dream finally come true and Stephan kisses her it's not what Samantha has dreamed of all this time,because she realizes that Stephan had done something to her,but she doesn't know what. That's until she meet Bishop a Angel who has been sent to Earth to destroy the Gray, and after meeting Bishop, Samantha finds her self inexplicably drawn to him,but than her world is turn upside down when Bishop tells Samantha that Stephan has turned her into a Gray, a soul sucking humans who have no soul and steal humans souls by kissing them. Bishop tells Samantha if she kisses any human and steals their soul he will be forced to kill her.

But thats not there biggest problem, Samantha has to help Bishop find the other Angel's before it's to late. If they don't find the other Angel's soon the Gray will take over the world and destroy it. All is depending on Samantha and if she fails than the whole world will be doomed.

Will Samantha resist kissing a human or will she fall and doom humanity?


Not a big fan of the book. There was something missing with the characters and the plot the plot was ok but the characters just didn't do it for me Samantha seemed like a insecure little girl who was looking for the approval of someone. Samantha also annoyed me because it was so obvious who the bad guys where ( the soul sucking Grays who stole souls by kissing humans) she seemed like she was confused and couldn't figure out good from bad, and at a point I was seriously ready to put down the book. It was so frustrating reading about Samantha she made you want to scream at timed.
Don't get me started on Bishop, there was nothing hot about him he gave me the creeps and I can't see why someone would fall for him.

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  1. Angel books are the most annoying of all YA genre, but I have to read this one because I got arc too.

  2. Trust me this book is going to put you off Angels for good.


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