Thursday, May 3, 2012


Okay this is a totally random post so bare with me and don't judge. lol don't worry it's all about books and movie's.

Okay I really want to know what
50 Shades of Gray is about? I keep hearing about it and seeing pictures of the book is it really that good?

Is the movie Hunger Games good? I also keep hearing about Hunger Games this and that but I gotta be honest I haven't read the books the cover description doesn't catch my attention so I'll probably never read the books but I want to know if the movie is at least worth the watch or are they a disappointment like Twilight?

When does the next season of True Blood start???????????

Thank you anyone who replays back to post and sorry if the questions sound dumb but I haven't found any of the reviews I've read helpful.

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  1. From what I have been able to understand, Fifty Shades of Gray started off as fan ficition inspired by Twilight and turned into an erotica tale. It gained popularity with an older fanbase that it was quickly rushed to publication so the publishing world could further prove it cares more about greed than actual talent ;)

    In my numble opinion, I didn't really like the Hunger Games movie. I haven't read the books so I don't know how well the movie stood against the first book but I got bored while watching it. The first half is pretty good. You meet the characters. They go through training. You learn about the Games. But then the Games begin and its all slaughter, stab, kill for the rest of the movie with a bit of romance thrown in. I didn't understand the appeal, really *shrugs*

    I believe the next season of True Blood starts June 10th.

    Hope some of this helps!


  2. Thank you I was never convince on reading Fifty Shades of Grey and from what you just told me it's a R-rated version of twilight. I'll probably rent the Hunger Game from Red Box when it comes out.


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