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[Review] City of Lost Souls: Author Cassandra Clare

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At the end of City ofFallen Angels Sebastian was brought back from death thank's to Lilith, and Jace was lost now Claire and her friends are on a mission to find Jace and bring him back. But what they discovered was that Sebastian and Jace are joined together if one dies the other dies as well but if that wasn't bad enough Jace has become Sebastian minion, because thank's to the bond whatever Sebastian feels or thinks Jace feels & thinks as well. Now Claire and her friends have to find Sebastian before the Clave does and kills him and Jace.



Book was broken down into three parts
Part One
Claire finds out Jace is missing and that somehow he is connected to Sebastian. Magnus and Alec are having problems ,because Jace is feeling like he's going to die sooner or later. That was pretty much what part one was about. There was some other detail but a lot of what happen during Part One seemed pointless and boring to me.

Part Two
Claire decides that the best way to free Jace from Sebastian influence is to make them believe that she has switched sides so she decides to travel with Jace and Sebastian to find out what there plan is. Alec,Isabella,Simon,and Magnus try to find a way to kill Sebastian without killing Jace.
Part two was okay during some parts it was a little to slow but over all I liked it because we got to find out more about each character. what I didn't like was that Mya and Jordan relationship was part of the plot no offense but what does Mya and Jordan getting it on have anything to do with the storyline. I could have done without Mya and Jordan there not really that big of characters and I felt like focusing on them was taking the spotlight out of the real issue of the book.

Part Three
Simon summons a Angel who gives him the sword that will take the evil out of Sebastian and free Jace. Clare finds out that Sebastian plan and that Sebastian has sick feeling towards her.
I really like part three I was at the edge of my seat during the last couple of chapters,and the only thing wrong with part three was Sebastian's feeling towards Claire I found it sick and twisted and I could have done without it. I don't know why Cassandra has a thing for incest because first it was Clare having the hots for Jace when she thought he was her brother now it's Sebastian wanting to get it on with Clare.

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  1. I haven't read my copy yet, but so far i've been reading a lot of mixed reviews!

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  2. Good book but it focused to much on everyone's love life.

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