Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Review] Sweet Evil: Author Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this book it brought a total new twist to what Angels and Demons mean.

Anna Whitt doesn't know what she is all she knows is that whenever someone is close she can feel and see their emotions. Anna life changes the day she turn 16 and meets Kaidan. She can't read Kaidan's emotions he's a total blank to her and that intrigues, Anna because since she can remember she has been able to tell what the people around her are feeling.

But when she finally meets Kaidan he's not what Anna would normally find attractive he is the total opposite of her a bad boy who sleeps around alot,and she's a smart sweet girl who has never gotten drunk or had sex, but that doesn't stop Anna from falling for Kaidan even though she knows there total opposites Anna sees something in Kaidan that no ones ever seen before. But Anna soon finds out that Kaidan and her are not so different both of them are Nephilims who were born of human/demon union but in Anna's case her mother was a Angel and her father a Demon which make's Anna a unique person because not only does she not have the pull normal Nephilims have to sin but she has a pure soul. Anna soon finds out that her life depends on her sinning.

Will Anna soul remain pure or will she give into temptation and fall.

Anna was a total sweetie you could not help falling in love with her she was just so nice and innocent with a hint of wildness. But Kaidan was a total Jerk I hated him and I will totally hate this series if she ends up with him she deserves better than a cheating man whore. I know Kaidan can't help being a man whore but come on in Anna is strong enough to resist sin than Kaidan can too.
I'm team Kopono who is another Nephilim who wants to be good and who is totally sexy and makes a better love interest than Kaidan.

Team Kopono

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