Friday, January 6, 2012

[Review] Raven Cursed By Faith Hunter


Jane just got back from New Orleans after everything that went down with her and Rick she doesn't know if she wants to return back or stay in Asheville. Jane doesn't really have time to think about her love life right now she has to protect Gregoire Leo's number 2 scion and make sure that he meets with Lincoln Shaddock. It's not as easy as it sounds Lincoln is being controlled by a witch who is using blood magic and stealing magic from her coven. The witch plans to use Lincoln as a sacrifice to summon a demon and kill Leo, but this time its not going to be easy for Jane to figure out what to do because if she kills the witch she might destroy the only family she knows but if she doesn't kill the witch things might get worst for her and everyone else.

Wow best Jane Yellowrock novel.
just love the endings they leave you hanging and coming back for more. Though I wish Jane wold just pick Bruiser and leave Rick. Team Rick

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