Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[Review] Mind games By Carolyn Crane


Justine doesn't know how to control her anxiety anymore she know she will die if she doesn't find someway to treat it or stop it and thats when she meets Packard. Packard tells Justine that there is a way to stop her anxiety for good all she has to do is join his vigilant group that works on reforming criminals. It may not be as easy as Justine thinks she might have to do things that go against her instinct and in the end she might come out as the villain not the hero.
Will she follow her instinct or will she let someone dictate her.


I was really exited to read this book I've read so many good review I couldn't wait to read it and the plot was really good and had me on the edge the entire book but I have to say I was disappointed by the heroine.
The book would have been a 5 star if it hadn't been for Justine because I just did not like her character. First she was head over heals for Cubby,and then she meets Packard and feels a connection with him but right when she's about to follow her instincts and go for him she chickens out and later on she finds out he betrayed her.
I think it was stupid of her to be mad at Packard for not telling her that once she starts giving her fears to people she can't stop and if she stops she will turn into a vegetable, because it was her fault in the first place for not asking if their was any side affect so in the end there was no one else to blame but herself for being stupid. Thats not the biggest reason I dislike Justine it's when she meets Otto , and I'm saying it in the nicest way possible but the way she throws her self at him and then betrays him mad me sick and dislike her. I think all three of them can do better than Justine and I really like the series but I think this is the only book I'll read from the series because I can't stand her she seem fake because first she was devastated about Cubby but then right after that she meets Otto and falls into bed with him. Eek.
No offense but to me she seem like a slut and I don't want to finish the series knowing that she's going to end up with a great guy. I like heroines that are smart and know what they want unlike Justine who doesn't know who or what she wants and I know its part of being human to make mistake but I do not read books to get reality I read books because I want them to have likable characters and happy ending.
I know many might disagree but for me this series just didn't cut it out for me, but please don't be discourage from reading it because I'am a very conservative person when it come to Sex and I don't think a women should bed hop from bed to bed like Justine did and I know it's just a novel but I don't like to see women portrayed the way Justine was seen.

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