Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Review] Almost To Die For By Tate Hallaway


Ana is not typical ordinary witch she is different from her coven but just doesn't know until on her 16 birthday her father showed up. That's when all hell breaks lose Ana starts asking why her mother hates her father? why is he pale and looks younger than her mom? No on e wants to answer her until they'll finally forced to tell Ana that she is a Damphyr half human half vampire but not only that she is a Princess. Now that Ana's met her father she is force to choose between her mother witch side or her fathers Demon side. Will Ana be strong enough to choose or will the choice be made for her?

My opinion
Really enjoyed this book it was short and to awfully long that it got me bored. Though I wished that the author would have made the characters with more depth and personality because aside from Ana I found most of them boring especially Nic who is Ana love interest which annoyed me because Nic seems really immature for his age and Ana seem to have to many brain cells and probably would get bored with Nic,but hopefully Ana dumps Nic for her vampire guard no he seems worth the trouble. Can't wait to pick up the next book and see where Ana and Elias left.

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