Monday, August 16, 2010

Review The Darkest whisper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spoiler Don't Read If You Haven't Read the Book
Wow loved the book had great shocker's. First of all Torin and cameo hooking up never saw that coming especially since Torin is the keeper of disease and cant touch cameo keeper of misery thats like 2 no no put together,but in the end it seemed that they where just lonely and wanted a friend with benefits. Also total shocker Sabins enemy (Galen) fathered the women he loves I was shocked especially since Gwen seemed to be more of an angel then a asshole like her father. All in all I loved the book and it seemed like Amun was interested in one of the Harpies I guess only time will tell.I can't wait till Ashlyn has her baby I wonder what kind of abilities the baby will have. Last but not least Paris I can't stand seeing him suffer he deserves a happy ending from all of his friends he did sacrifice Siennna for his friend's. I just hope he could get over Sienna and that she doesn't come back she doesn't deserve Paris he's to hot and nice for her

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