Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review The Darkest Lie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spoiler Don't Read If You Haven't Read the Book
I love lies lol. Awesome book I think it's the best yet though I would have loved to hear more from William. I was shocked when Scarlet told Gideon they where married and even more when she told him they had a child and he died. I cried through out the whole chapter but I as glad when I learned that scarlet aunt goddess of memory made Scarlet believe she was married and had a child with Gideon and it was so funny in the end when Gideon and cornus sat eating popcorn while watching the death match between Scar and her aunt lol. One scene I totally hated was when Strider met that hunter the same hunter that killed Baden all those years ago Hadiee grrrr. Gena I hope Hadiee better not be Strider true love because if she is that would be a big no no since like everyone Hates her and hello she killed one of the lords. Also poor William I think he really like's Gilly like alot he's willing to go kill her parent's for her even though Anya told him she was going to burn his book. I think Gilly is the women or girl that was spoken in the prophesy because isn't William suppose to be selfish and not care about anyone more then himself and obviously he cares more about Gilly them himself if he's willing to let his book burn. Well can't wait for Amun book poor Amun he sounded so tormented in the end of darkest lie I hope he ends up with a Angel who could sooth or make the voices disappear.

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