Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Review]Cinder: Author Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer
Rating: 5/5

This book is so awesome it's a twist to my favorite princess story "Cinderella" and the way Marissa tells it is so much better than the original tale.

Cinder,is not your typical girl and not only because she is mechanic but because 37% of her body is made out of metal which makes her a Cyborg. Which make her a second-class citizen in Commonwealth,and Cinder is tired of being treat like dirt by everyone including her family or specifically step-mom and step-sister Pearl and the only human friend she has is her younger step sister Peony. But all that changes when Peony contracts the fatal virus that has been plaguing the world and Cinder is thrown into a world she never thought was out there.

That includes meeting Kai Prince of Commonwealth who needs Cinder to fix something of great importance to him that might just save him from a worst fate than death 9marrying Lunar Queen). But as Cinder gets to know Kai she starts falling for him because he has been nothing but kind to her but she knows that if he find out she's a cyborg he will be disgusted with her. So when Kai ask Cinder to go to the ball with him Cinder declines because she doesn't want Kai to know she's a cyborg and she knows that if she goes to the ball her step-mom tell Kai the truth. So Cinder chooses to give up on her fantasy of being with Kai and chooses to runaway. But right when she's about to leave she finds out that the Evil Queen of Lunar is planning to kill Kai the new Emperor of Commonwealth so Cinder has to put on her big girl panies and save Kai and the entire population before it's to late .

I can't believe I did not want to read this book. When I first saw The book cover I ready to totally over looked the book because of the cover, I thought ugh... what a ugly cover but when I read the description I was totally hooked. Trust me the book did not disappoint it was a new version to Cinderella and in my opinion a more exiting version (sorry Disney).
I can't wait to red the second book in the series the ending left me wanting for more.

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  1. Love when a series leaves you wanting more...

    Unless that book is not around the corner then I sit impatiently tapping my foot LOL

    This is on my maybe to try list :)


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