Thursday, April 12, 2012

[Review] The Girl In the Street Corset Author Kady cross

The Girl In the Street Corset
The Steampunk Chronicles Book 1
Kady Cross

Finley Jayne has trouble conforming she's wild and has a double personality and can kick a guys ass in less than three second. But soon Finley will learn that being a tough ass chick will come back to bit her in the butt if she doesn't learn to control the monster inside her. Right
when she's about to give up and she meets Griffin King Duke of Greythorne. At first she is hesitant to go with Griffin after what she knows men in his position are like but she soon realizes that he is not like the other guys he actual cares about her and wants her to join his group of friends who also have special abilities.
Will Finley trust Griffin and give him a chance to help her learn how to control the monster within or will she give into the evil side and destroy everything she cares about?

The characters where mediocre the plot was mediocre. There wasn't much that stood out for me everything was just okay not bad or good just okay.

-Characters where a little blah at time but Sam and Emily surprised me sometimes and made the book exiting. +.5
-OMG I love cowboys I wish Jasper would have been the MC. +.5
- I'm starting to get into steam-punk and I enjoyed how well the author incorporated the Victorian aspects to the book. +1
-The ending was great it gives me hope that next book it will be about JASPER!+1

-The MC where boring and annoying. -1
- The book was 100 pages too long...-1

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