Monday, April 9, 2012

[Review] The Savage Grace Author Bree Despain

The Savage Grace
The Dark Divine Book 3
Bree Despain

The time has finally come for Grace to choose between forgiving those who have hurt her and Daniel or giving in to the wolves urges and hate them all. But Grace will soon learn that giving in to the wolves urges on hating and despising everyone might just cause her to lose Daniel the Love of her life and her father. So to save Daniel from being a wolve for the rest of his life Grace must find it in her heart to forgive all those who have done her wrong or the chance of saving Daniel will be lost and the more time she takes the more Daniel will be lost to his wolve. Will grace be strong enough?
In the final book in the Dark Divine series we will see the final battle between Daniel and his father and who will become Alpha of Pack. Daniel and Grace also learn that not everyone can be trusted and those who you least expect it from will betray you. Will grace and Daniel survive the final battle ?

Favorite book in series!

What I loved about the book...
1. Was how the book had not teenage SEX!
Yes there is a author who can write a novel without involving SEX! +1
2. Is that we finally see Grace grow some balls and stand up for those who she loves and saves the day. +1
3. The ending was realistic it was a good ending but not exactly a HEA. +1
4. There is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end. Which gives me hope for another book. +1
5. Is that Lots of new characters who where a joy to read about. +1

What I wish would have changed...
1. Was someone died who I totally thought deserved a second chance. -1

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