Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Review]Under a Vampire Moon: Author Lynsay Sands

Under a Vampire Moon
Book 16 Argeneau Series
Author: Lynsay Sands
Rating: 2/5

Disappointing :(

Carolyn is finally ready to move on after being in a bitter battle with her soon to be ex-husband for over two years Carolyn is finally ready to let lose with her friends in Island of St. Lucia.
But when she gets there is seems to depress her even more around every corner there is a newly wed couple or a couple in love and all Carolyn wants to do now is get drunk with her friends. But as it happens Carolyn can't even get drunk with her friends because one is sick and the other one is busy trying to book a band. Thats when she meets Margaret and Julius a happy couple who just happen to know a band who would love to play at the resort. When they arrive Christian is surprised to see that Carolyn is his life-mate but it won't be easy for him to convince her to give him a chance, since Christian looks around 25 and Carolyn is 40 and she refuses to fall for someone who looks younger than her, so now Christian has to convince her to give him chance or he might just lose his life- mate.

I'm a huge fan of the Argeneau series, the books are all fun and quirky and make for a fun quick read but this book was just so off I almost didn't finish it. First of all I was so mad at the end of the book because I've been waiting for Christians book ever since I found out he was Margaret and Julians son. The book also sucked because Christian and Carolyn had no chemistry and the book was sooo... plotless there was no paranormal aspect to the book I think they mention the nano's and Christian being a vampire once or twice but it was by far not a big part of the book and the ending was so blah... It left me wondering what's going to happen between Christian and Carolyn and when is she going to turn into a vampire? What are they planning to do with Carolyn ex-husband? Where are they going to live? There was a bunch of unanswered questions that I just plain hate this book and wish I would have skipped it. By far worst book in series if your a fan of the series I advice you to skip this book.

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  1. I enjoyed the way this one unfolded and I found that it was paced fairly well. I liked all of the characters and found they really gave this one that extra something. Not really knowing anything about the characters before coming into this really didn't seem to matter all that much. I feel like I might be missing a little bit of the backe story but not enough to confuse me or leave me frustrated that I'm missing something.

    One thing that did seem to feel a little off was towards the ending when Carolyn just sort of did a 180 on what she was normally like throughout the book. I enjoyed it and I thought finally she's being more realistic, well I guess as one can be in that sort of situation, but it still felt a little off. Through the whole book she was fighting herself and then just to say, meh- whatever felt off.


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