Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Review] What The Heart Wants: Author Kelli McCracken

What the Heart Wants by Kelli McCracken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MUST READ !!!!!!

Heaven (OMG love that name) is in L.A. for the weekend to attend her bestfriends wedding along with her sisters Faith,and Hope who also happen to be her triplets and during the wedding recital she meets,Dylan who she instantly feels connected to and feels like she knows him from somewhere

But what Heaven doesn't know is that Dylan feels the same way and that the first time Dylan saw Heaven he instantly knew that she is the girl of his dream literally the girl of his dreams.
Dylan has been dreaming about Heaven for the past six months and he feels like he's missing a part of his heart until he meets Heaven,now all Dylan has to do is man up and tell Heaven how he feels but it's not as easy as he thinks because Dylan is afraid that Heaven doesn't feel the same way.

Will Dylan get over his fears and tell Heaven how he feels or will he let his fears ruine everything?

Dylan is just OMG there is no word to describe him he's just perfect in the best way. The way Dylan and Heaven interact you could tell right away they are meant to be together forever and whatI love best about the book is how Dylan and Heaven came to be soul mate, I swear I was literally crying during some parts especially when the book switched to Dylan POV gah I wish the whole book would have been in Dylan's POV the way his mind worked and the way he feels is just inspiring and it has me wishing for true love.
I'm glad I read this book I almost didn't because the cover just didn't do it for me,so if your holding back on reading this book because of the cover don't because the book's AMAZING!

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  1. I love when you can fall in love with the hero! Those are the best books ever!

    1. Dylan was just such a awesome character he's one of those characters you don't see often.


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