Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unearthly Review

Author: Cynthia Hand
Release Date: January 4,2011

Rating 3/5


I wasn't very impressed by this book it took forever for the book to really start. One good thing about the book was the plot in my it was original but it was kind of hard to keep along with the characters and when I finished the book I was lost. I look forward to reading the next book just to answer some questions that weren't answered in the first book and maybe the next book is less confusing.


Unearthly is about 17 year old Clara who finally found her purpose on Earth, but as you read through the story the answer may not be clear. In the beginning of the book she shes Christian in her dreams and she thinks that he's her destiny and the one shes suppose to be with but its not as easy as she thinks. She has to move all the way from California to Wyoming and if that doesn't Complicate things more Christian has a girl friend. As the story progresses she learns that Christian may not be the one for her that maybe her best friends brother Tucker is the one. Boy problems isn't the only thing Clara needs to be concern because there maybe more to being a angel then Clara . The book really doesn't answer much it leaves the reading guessing and the end was pretty much a cliffhanger.

Next In Series
Coming in 2012

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